First impressions are influenced by a house’s exterior colors. They express your personality and taste without using words. Finding the ideal color combinations that will astound the viewer becomes a challenging task. Especially in a place like India where everyone enjoys showcasing their creativity whenever possible. Indian house exterior color schemes vary greatly from region to region and have changed significantly over time, keeping up with the current fashion.

Choosing proper exterior color for your home as per vastu 

In order to balance our mind, body, and soul, wall color therapy plays a significant role in getting the house painting color combinations right. For this reason, you must also take Vastu Shastra into consideration. By adhering to Vastu principles, you should make sure that the exterior colors of your home serve to ward off evil spirits and ease family members’ anxieties. While in this country we frequently choose the exterior color scheme of a simple Indian house, the Vastu Shastra-specific colors and directions show which ones are best to draw healing energies into the house. 

For instance, the color blue is represented in beauty, where it calms the mind, draws divine energies, and keeps trusted friends close.


Contrarily, yellow is excellent for bringing happiness and optimism to the home’s occupants because it is the color of success and wealth. 

Green similarly stands for nature, which implies peace, development, etc. White is a Vastu-compliant option for preventing any domestic disputes. Colors like purple, orange, pink, and brown are also excellent for bringing success, warmth, and other positive traits. Before deciding on the exterior color schemes for your home, be sure to consult a Vastu expert. Or pick one out of the options we’ve listed below.

In this article, we present 16 eye-catching exterior color schemes for simple Indian homes. You can use this to sort the top exterior house paints for your ideal home.

The Perfect Proportions of Yellow, Blue, Cream, and Grey

When used in the proper ratios, exterior colors can work wonders. You can get inspiration for cool exterior house color schemes from the image above.

Deep blue, grey, and cream colors are strategically used throughout the house in the photo to uplift the mood. Make sure the colors you choose for the exterior of your house are proportioned properly.

Elegant Peach and White Combination

An elegant and opulent statement is made by the Indian home in the image above. The exterior of the house looks elegant with its peach and white color scheme. The colors appear to be crisp.

White counterbalances the abundance of peach. The roof’s colors go well with the house’s exterior paint. The green garden emphasized the light colors of the house. This style should be taken into consideration by homeowners who hesitate to select vibrant colors for the exteriors of their homes.

White and Indigo – Right Play of Colours

Indian homes are distinctive. Indigo accents enhance the aesthetics of the house, while white serves as the dominant color. The greenery of the garden adds depth to the exterior of the house.

Despite the fact that white is used a lot in the colors, the right use of indigo prevents our eyes from focusing on the white. The house’s exterior paintings go well with Indians’ modern tastes.

Red and Cream: Classic and Contemporary

Red-tile roofing can be seen on many Indian homes. It exudes tradition, warmth, and desi vibes. The home in the image above is an example of how traditional and modern can coexist. The classic cream paintings contrast with the traditional red tiles, tinted wooden windows, and red tile roofs.


The exterior of the house’s traditional and modern color scheme will appeal to both the young and the old members of the family. Try the above colors if you want to paint your home in monochrome colors but don’t want it to look lifeless.

Impactful Orange and Grey

The color orange is not frequently used for exterior house paint. If used many times, the results may be disastrous. The Indian home in the image above, however, tells a different tale. The steel grey accents make the house appear aesthetically pleasing despite being covered in orange.

On the exterior of your home, you can use a bright color, but be sure to balance it out with a neutral color.

Simple yet Elegant: Grey and White

We only think of vivid and garish colors combined with light colors when we discuss the color combination for a house’s exterior. However, a home’s exterior can be beautifully minimalistic with just neutral colors. Ash grey roof is used on the house above, and white paint has been added to soften the look.

The white color brightens the murky appearance of grey. These exterior hues work well together to evoke a warm atmosphere. The colors reveal the complex architectural designs of the building without flaunting extravagance.

Eye-Catchy Yellow and White

Many Indian homes’ exteriors are painted in shades of white and yellow. The perpetual mustard yellow color of the beautiful house in the above image is broken by white windows and grey-shingled roofs to create a stunning look.

The clever use of white-trimmed windows gives the house a nice finish. Furthermore, the green roof complements the house’s exteriors.

Yellow and Cream – A Perfect Match

Yellow is the most common color found on the exterior of Indian homes. Many shades of yellow can be found on Indian houses, such as ochre, amber, and mustard. If this rings a bell, the house in the picture will show you an example of how to blend yellow tastefully.

Yellow and white make an attractive combination. If you think yellow is too loud, mix it with white or cream to make it mellower.

Elegant: Grey, White, and Orange

The colours appear to be subtle but impressive. Grey and white contribute to the house’s freshness. The accent colour is orange, which is used sparingly on the exteriors. This house demonstrates that grey can be beautiful when painted correctly.

To create the magic, the house’s designer used neutral colours with one bright colour. All of the colours are equally magnificent. The house appears basic, beautiful, and acceptable.

Grey and White- Bold and Decent 

Grey and white are both bold and attractive. The majority of the Indian home exteriors are painted white. Individuals choose colours that can give insulation to the heat of subtropical summers. The model duplex house in the top photograph is painted in quiet white and grey.

To add vitality, the windows, roof, and doors are appropriately painted in ash grey. White and grey are a good colour combination for the exteriors of Indian homes.

Cheerful and vibrant brown, white, and red

The house in the image above has a creative use of color on its exteriors. Light brown makes a good impression. The house’s edges and pillars are painted a sophisticated shade of white. The brown color gives the house a cheery, vibrant appearance on the roof.

White is painted strategically to improve the look of the house. The color and proportions used in the exteriors of this house are a delight. The red color is ideally used as the dominant hue on the walls. The garden bordering the house is the cherry on top of the cake and completes the overall look of the house.

Exotic Reddish Orange Brick with a Grey Roof

The primary material in the majority of Indian homes is brick. The house in the photo looks exotic. The bricks’ reddish-orange color speaks for itself. For the roof of the house, grey is used as an accent color. Brick colors can be paired with other nude colors as well, and this color combination is always a good choice.

The brick wall on the outside is gorgeous. The glass windows and grills do nothing more than enhance the appearance of the house. You’ve probably seen at least one home in this style if you’ve ever been to a wealthy Indian neighborhood.

Effortless Golden Brown, White, and Grey

Indians frequently choose one-tone painting for their home exteriors. The house in the aforementioned photo provides plenty of inspiration in this regard. The color white is used as the main accent. The color golden brown follows the house’s architectural contours. The exterior of this house is highlighted with grey paint.

The three colors—white, golden brown, and grey—easily support the home’s architecture and design. The garden and greenery next to the house act as accessories, bringing a touch of nature inside.

Creamy White and Red – Regal Bearing

The exterior of the house in the above picture is a beautiful blend of creamy and neutral white. The white windows are doing all the talking. The red rooftops, which sit perfectly and stand out from the dull exterior colors, are the focal point.

Through the use of few colors, this home conveys power, charm, and royalty. Consider the aforementioned example if you love simplicity but want your home to stand out.

White, Light Brown, and Dark Brown Orange-Green Vibes

For those who love the outdoors and want their home to blend in with the landscape, the exterior paintings of this home are ideal. It makes a sophisticated statement. These exterior color combinations are intriguing. While dark brown and dark brown-orange continue to be the dominant colors in the space, the addition of white brings the entire house to life.

Like the surrounding greenery, this home exudes a green energy. The dark brown-orange adds accents to the white, which is actually lighting up the entire house. Overall, the home perfectly captures the all-natural beauty of typical wealthy Indian homes.

Bonus – Buckingham Palace and White

The paint manufacturer Kelly-Moore has now created a paint that was inspired by Buckingham Palace, the most expensive house in the world. The hexadecimal color code for this shade is #725746. It might be challenging to find this color in India, but there are a few paint manufacturers who might be able to create a custom shade for you.

You should paint your house like Buckingham Palace and add white trim to the walls, ledges, windows, and other surfaces if you want it to resemble the most expensive home. It is an easy-to-maintain medium-dark orange color that will make your home stand out from the neighborhood.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Indian Homes

You can choose an exterior color by taking into account the home’s architecture, location, and surrounding landscape. Although it can be advantageous for your home to stand out, if it does so excessively it can be harmful when trying to sell. When choosing an exterior color for your home, take into account the following factors:

  • Siding: Choose a color that looks good because it has the most surface area.
  • Railings: Consider painting the railings if you have a balcony, terrace, or porch.
  • Doors: Painting your front door can make a significant difference in how prospective buyers perceive your home as they approach.
  • Shutters: To contrast the siding and enlarge the appearance of the windows, shutters add a pop of color.
  • Consider how the old window and door trim will contrast, stand out, or blend in with the new siding color if you’re changing the siding’s color.

Make the most of your home’s architectural features to help you get started in the right direction when selecting an exterior paint color.

How to Pick the Best Indian House Color Scheme Outside Your House

Typically, we focus on the interiors of our homes and ignore the exterior color scheme of an Indian house. The colors of your exterior walls give visitors and passersby a first impression of your home. Additionally, the ideal exterior color scheme for an Indian home is typically what shields the interior from the effects of the weather’s variations. Making the best and simplest color choice for an Indian house outside of your home is not an easy task. Indian house color schemes for the exterior are frequently just ignored. However, it’s crucial to make a wise color choice and pick the ideal house exterior color scheme. In light of this, here are some professional advice to help you decide on the best Indian house color combination outside your home and help you reduce your options.

  • Choose exterior colour combination for house that pairs well.
  • Make sure the paint on the walls of your homes is durable and protected. 
  • Create a plan and put it into action.
  • Keep it simple; don’t try to do too much.
  • Wear a weathercoat

Due to their enormous size, many of the other most expensive homes on the planet have exteriors painted in calming hues and colors that are simple to maintain, meaning they don’t readily show dirt and damage. When deciding on exterior colors for your home, bear in mind the size of your house as well. Finding the right balance is important because if you choose colors that are too vibrant, your home might attract unwanted attention. 

In contrast to other nations where houses are mass-produced and therefore have some uniformity, India’s housing stock is diverse. In Indian homes, bricks in the colors of white, brown, and yellow are typical. The exterior color combinations, however, are what give each house its unique character and set it apart from the others. From the list of exterior color schemes for Indian homes above, we hope you were able to choose one that you like.

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