feng shui house2017 is a Fire Rooster Year according to Chinese astrology and thus, it’s the year of rooster rule. So, give your home the Feng Shui touch according to rooster rule this Chinese New Year. Keep away all horse and rats item away.

Feng shui is basically a Chinese art form of rejuvenating your life which is based on the fact that our living space highly affects our lives. Feng shui tells us that every object around us holds some energy which is called chi, and this chi is very significant in bringing luck, wealth and prosperity to your lives.  But the best part about this “home therapy” is that it doesn’t take a lot of your time or energy and just involves moving a few things around!


cleaningThe essence of Feng Shui lies in cleanliness and clutter-free environment.  No matter how much we try to avoid or deny it, the fact remains that a cluttered environment actually affects our mood. Why else do you think we feel so relaxed and positive in a clean and green garden but claustrophobic in a crowded street or place? This is because chi needs space to flow around us and if it fails to do so it directly hits our heads. So if you have been wondering the reason behind your cluttered life too, you know what to do with your place this weekend!

Auspicious Colours

feng shui coloursAccording to the experts from ‘Way Fengshui Group’ , the auspicious colours of this Fire Rooster Year are Green – colour of progression and liveliness, Blue- colour of serenity and composure and Black – colour of strength and infinity. Now you can think of lovely combinations of these colours to grace your place!

Lighting is very Meaningful  

feng shui lightsHad lighting not been so impactful on our minds, we would not have felt more scared in the dark!! Lighting does play an important role even if it does on our subconscious minds.  And this is the reason proper lighting of the living space should be done. For your living room, you should go for white lighting to that flow of the chi is boosted. Your kitchen and study both should have cool white ; it will maintain ying yang balance in the kitchen and will also increase our level of concentration in the study. On the other hand bedrooms should have warm coloured lighting because it is the place where you relax and seek peace.

Fountains – Instant Beautifier!

feng shui fountains
Fountains instantly increase the beauty of a certain place and give out a feeling of freshness.  They are also associated with tranquility but these are not the only attributes of fountains. According to Feng Shui, water is symbolic to wealth. So, flowing water in the form of fountains ensures flowing of cash also! The most appropriate place to have a fountain is at the entrance of your home. One should make sure that the fountains are not placed in the bedroom as it will have an opposite effect.

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