light colour living room

Living room is one of the places where you spend most of your time and it should be compliant to Vaastu. of course, it’s your living room after all! Whether it be watching television, entertaining your guests or chilling with your family members, living room plays a vital role in your home.  Therefore the living area should be well qualified to get rescued from negative energies and at the same should be able to attract positive energies. For this, you must know how to get a Vaastu-friendly living room. Well, this can be achieved by following some norms and beliefs of Vaastu Shastra.

Here are some easy and rational tips for you to make your Vaastu-friendly living room:
1. Where to put sofa sets –

Sofa Sets VaastuThe best place for sofa sets is against South and West walls. This is because it is suggested to have big windows on north and east walls, so if big furniture in living room is against these walls, it can hinder the constant light from outside.

2. Cluttered Furniture arrangement should be shunned –

clutter-free furnitureIf you tend to make it a Vaastu-compliant living room then the arrangement of the furniture should be in organized and clutter-free manner. There should be enough space to walk around freely. If this is not done, it can create stress and anxiety in our minds.

3. North is the direction for aquariums/fountains –

aquarium1If you love keeping a fish aquarium or a fountain in your living room, then make sure you keep it in North as this adds to a Vaastu-compliant living room. It should be made of natural substances like glass, clay etc. this helps in improving relations of the family members and the guests.

4. Face north or east while watching TV –

TVSince we love watching TV to relax our minds and even for entertainment, we tend to stretch it for long hours.  So, the advisable thing according to Vaastu Shastra is to watch TV facing north or east. This way we will be exposed to the natural rays of the sun entering from there.

5. Flowers and plants should be natural –
plants in living roomKeeping artificial or dried flowers in the living room should be totally avoided as they bring bad luck. Similarly, cactus and bonsai plants should also be avoided as they are considered inauspicious.

6. Positive paintings in north-east –

paintingsIf you are fond of beautiful paintings or sculptures then you can hang them on the Northeast wall. But one should keep in mind that the painting should depict positive and favourable emotions. Add Vaastu-friendly paintings and artworks to your living room. Pictures showing negative emotions should not be hanged as we do not want any negative energies filling your home.

7. Dark colours out, light colours in –

light coloured living roomNo matter how trendy dark colours may look, they are not suggested for the walls of the living room. Light colours like white, yellow, green, blue should be used for the walls. This is because these colours help illuminate the living which in turn big a perspective of it being bigger than it actually is.

The points mentioned above for how to get a Vaastu-friendly living room also depend on the location of the home. You are highly advised to consult a Vaastu-expert to know the exact positioning and designing of your living according to the location, direction of entrance etc.

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