topCan you imagine your home as totally black and white? You can’t, and that is why colours play a huge role in interior decoration of your home. Every colour you use in your home has an effect in the atmosphere and the environment created. They even affect your mood much more than you can think and imagine. Therefore, it is very important to choose the colours correctly because every colour has a different value attached to it.

We have brought for you the various colours and the meanings attached to them to let you use them correctly in your living space –

1.Deep Blue – Increases ProductivityDeep BlueDeep blue is known for its calming effects and therefore it will refine your thinking process. It will de-clutter your thoughts and will help you to explore the important things in your life. Deep blue lets you connect the bigger things to smaller things in life.

In your living space, use it in your bathrooms, for desk lamps, wastebaskets or for an entire room.

2.Light Purple – Intensifies the feeling spirituality in youLight PurpleLight purple will help you to connect with others at a higher level. It improves your sense of humanity as your emotional perspectives also improve.

In your living space, you can use it to paint your living room or dining room or use this in colour in cashmere throws. You can also keep a fresh bouquet of light purple flowers in your home.

3.Orange – Gives your thinking different perspectivesorange_roomThe bright and lively orange gives a very confident demeanor to the surroundings. It even helps you to gain confidence and flaunt it.

If you want to keep the feeling of being young alive, use orange in your living space as this is the colour of happiness and youthfulness. You can paint the kids’ room with orange colour or paint your exercise area to keep the working-out regime enthusiastic or simply keep an orange mouse pad in your study area.

4.Green – Helps in obtaining wealth and also healingGreenGreen has many values and significances attached to it. First of all, since it is the colour of nature, it becomes a symbol of growth and freshness. Green colour helps you in identifying your talents and qualities and motivates you to demonstrate them to the world.

In your living space, keep a green coloured chair or a side table or paint your front door in green colour.

Secondly, green is also a symbol of nourishment which helps in increasing the physical and mental stability. It will encourage you in reviving yourself to improve your well-being.
Use green colour in pots of your home, in kitchen bowls and cups or use green coloured bath towels.

5.Bright Red – Helps in protecting youBright RedBright red colour has always been a symbol of courage and boldness. This colour is used to inculcate self-confidence. But what you should keep in mind is not to over-do it.
In your living space, use red colour for your candy dishes, pillows or photo frames.

6.Light Blue – Enhances PeacefulnessLight BlueLight blue is a very calm and soothing colour, thus encourages tranquility. It ensures harmonious relationships among the family members and brings a feeling proficiency in home. If you are surrounded with light blue, your aggressive hormones will on a break!
In your living space, use light blue colour for flowy drapes or headboard or simply paint the ceilings the rooms in light blue colour.
7.Pink – Promotes KindnesspinkPink is the colour of love and kindness. It encourages tenderness and brings ease when you are emotionally distressed.

In your living space, use it when you want to bring understanding and friendliness. Use a pink table runner or a pink lampshade or simply keep a glass of rose wine.

8.Yellow – Adds liveliness and focusyellowUsually, yellow signifies liveliness and bubbliness. But apart from that, it also symbolizes intelligence and sharpness. It gives clarity in your thoughts and conversation you make with others.

In your living space, keep a yellow coloured side chair, pencils and bookmarks. You can even use yellow mugs or pillows.

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