topIn a country where Bollywood celebrities are immensely looked up to, celebrity homes are also not left behind. This is because their impeccable ideas for designing them give us some serious #HouseGoals!

Latest in the trend is from the bollywood’s younger lot, our very own Alia Bhatt! Please don’t go by her age and her bubbly persona because Alia Bhatt’s new house is not something we would imagine out of only a 24 year old! The taste and ideas with which her 3BHK pad is done is totally flawless and very admirable for someone her age. As Alia says, her house has ‘a vibe of a new york loft’ which in itself explains how ultimately cool the place would be!

Don’t worry we have brought for you the most ravishing pictures of not Alia, but her lovely new house which will make you love her more than you already do!

Let’s have a look –

The beautiful living room! living roomusually, the main entrances of the houses open up in the living room. And if the living room is utterly attractive, it leaves an everlasting effect, because remember, “first impression is the last impression”. And Alia Bhatt apparently believes in the same which is evident from her living room! The totally life-of-any-party image which she has on-screen contradicts with the way her living room is done. The white sofas bring so much calm to the place, the cushioned chai adds a twist whereas the chandelier adds up to the vintage feel! The overall minimalistic look is just alluring!

The kitchenkitchenFor all the people who don’t know how to cook, it’s when you come across a kitchen so beautiful that you wish you had learnt cooking! Just like the living room, the whole look here is also very calming and soothing to the eyes. The modular kitchen cabinets are just the correct colour, which complement the other accessories. The custom-made wooden racks are adding the old school feel, while the black and white tiles are the catchiest ones I have seen in a while!

Dining roomDining roomNo matter how many countries these celebrities travel, their heart lies in their very own country. Alia Bhatt made it clear with her dining room, which gives such homely feels! First of all, it has a lot of wood, which makes it so warm and inviting. Apart from that, the whole non-jazzy approach to design this place is what will win everybody’s heart!

Dressing room 11No wonder Alia looks extremely class ALL THE TIME! Because this classy and tasteful dressing room just graces her beauty and fashion statements. The custom made dress rack looks very innovative and the amount of natural light entering the windows gives a fresh feel to this area!

Tea barDressing roomI know what most of you must be thinking! What IS Tea-bar? It is nothing but a bar dedicated to tea, given Alia’s immense love for them! Although, it is hard to imagine somebody sitting on a bar stool and just innocently sipping tea?
*not gets convinced* So you never know, other drinks might just slip in too! Expect only Alia to come up with such crazy ideas!

Washroomwash roomThank god I don’t have such a glamorous washroom otherwise it would have been a very difficult task to get me out of there! No exaggeration there! The colourful tiles fitted in an intelligently random way are the first to catch the attention, followed by the bathtub and candles kept above it. The amazing thing is that it is not very huge in size giving it a very cozy look!

The entire house is done in a maturely endearing way which we just can’t stop praising! Well done, Alia Bhatt!