Online Property Sell

Builders and developers have well understood the pre-requisite of the era and have smartly shifted to online channel to deal with the customers. Even homebuyers, who are willing to invest their heavy amount in flats and apartments, prefer to check the desired property virtually before they actually visit and examine it.

How They Are Using It?

They are getting connected through various social networks like Facebook and Google which, in turn, help them getting connected with potential customers online. Builders are interacting personally by sharing messages and are gaining better results.

As per current statistics, around 25 per cent of the total leads are generated through digital marketing and gives approximately 9 to 10 per cent of conversion rate. As expected, the stats for real estate digital marketing will grow in future and more than 28 per cent of revenue will be generated in come 3 years.

What Builders Do?

Builders find that the information is best to be shared through online channels rather than verbal or physical communication. Virtual information saves customers’ time and energy. Pre sales support make it easier for the homebuyers to make right decision regarding property purchase. They make use of the digital media such as property portals, Google, e-papers, ad campaigns, websites and so on for the promotion of their project and generating the leads simultaneously.

Utmost use of social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to increase social outreach and reach potential homebuyers is being done. Appropriate for all types of marketing, Facebook claims that the services so provided by the platform is extensive and that they deliver right message to the target audiences, at right time – referred as personalization at scale. Facebook spokesperson suggests that Facebook holds solution for each aspect in marketing – to sell or to generate awareness among public.

What Else?

The Mobile Apps. Real estate developers are leaving no stone unturned to reach their customers and grow their sells. Apart from getting connected through social channels and various other digital marketing platforms, mobiles apps is also their hard-and-fast tool. This facilitates easy communication along with hassle-free transactions.

The Results

Much renowned real estate company – Tata Housing Development Company was among the first companies in real estate which adapted the digital marketing strategy in 2009 and had made use of mobile app for the promotion and sell of its much appreciated projects – Arabella in Gurgaon and The Promont in Bangalore.

According to the Tata Housing statement, the results achieved by them was phenomenal and it encouraged them to conduct 25 per cent of the sales through digital platform at the cost merely 10 per cent of the cost through traditional medium. Digital marketing, thus, is not merely profit driving technique but motivating platform as well. Innovative social media campaigns along with other digital marketing techniques create experience for the potential consumers.

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