Residents of Central Park 2, located on Sohna Road, Gurugram, protested against the developer for modifying the layout plan and restricting their access to the common facilities without their consent.

Even though the possession is held for more than a decade, the residents are restricted to use the facilities including the central greens and clubs by the developers.

They alleged that the project plan has been revised in 2019, and was approved by the department of town and country planning in 2021 without any consent from flat owners of towers 1 to 9.

The project obtained the license for 27 towers in 2006 and possession of towers 1-9 started in 2008-2009, meanwhile, the construction of the remaining towers has started.

A wall had been built by the builders for separating the rest of the project from the nine towers in the guise of the safety of residents during the construction.

Residents alleged, the developers declined on taking the wall down even after obtaining the occupancy certificate in 2014 for towers 10 to 25.

President of Bellevue Central Park 2 Condominium Association, Prabhatb Bharadwaj said that the entry is blocked as the residents of towers 1-9 is prohibited to enter inside the main premises. Additionally, they built a gate on a government revenue road and locked it. The revised project has been approved by the DTCP, without any consent from the residents, and likely there have been complexions, which need to be properly investigated all through.

At the time the spokesperson for Central Park refused the allegations and said, “the flats along with all the facilities were handed over more than a decade ago. But the RWA was unable to maintain these facilities and could not continue even the AMC of lifts despite reducing the IBMSD fund, which was more than Rs 11 crore during the time of handover. The misappropriation of funds needs to be investigated. As for the wall, it was done to ensure the safety of the residents and labor owing to deep excavations and ongoing construction at the site.”

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