GOA RERA launched its official website in order to make the most important decision regarding the regulation of the real estate sector. The implementation of RERA eliminated fraud and infused transparency in the real estate sector to encourage investments.


The RERA Act 2016 was enacted by the Indian government to regulate the country’s real estate sector. The Act put forth a set of regulations to safeguard the activities associated with real estate dealings, transactions, and the interests of end users and developers. The officials notified the Goa RERA on November 24, 2017, to provide uninterrupted RERA project registration, agent registration, and complaint registration. The official RERA portal was introduced in 2018. 

Goa RERA Provisions 

Following are the responsibilities associated with Goa RERA:

  • At the start of the project, promoters must make all project-related information public. 
  • Project developers must provide quarterly updates of the project as it is mandatory as per the RERA Guidelines. 
  • Ensure that all real estate projects are registered with RERA Goa. 
  • Registered real estate agents are involved in projects throughout Goa. 
  • The designated authority responds to RERA-registered consumer complaints in accordance with the rules and regulations. 

 Functions Performed by Goa RERA

Goa RERA was established with the following objectives: 

  • To ensure that buyers receive every detail about projects, from the plan to the associated cost to possession.  
  • To ensure that existing and future projects are subject to RERA Goa Authority and that they are carried out in accordance with the RERA Act 2016. 
  • To regularize and promote the real estate sector throughout the state.
  • For the establishment of an Appellate Tribunal, which will be responsible for the resolution of complaints. Additionally, the authority is required to handle the consumer complaints submitted to the Appellate Tribunal quickly. 

Services offered by Goa RERA

Below are the services offered by Goa RERA:

  • Registration of Agents with Goa RERA 
  • Project Registration in accordance with RERA Goa
  • Registration of complaints via the official Goa RERA website
  • Registration Withdrawal

Agent Registration with Goa RERA 

  • First, visit the Goa RERA official website and click on “Agent Registration”
  • You will be redirected to another page where you need to enter your email ID for verification
  • Enter your email ID and generate OTP
  • Now, select the type of individual or society, company, partnership, or government body, enter the OTP and click on ‘Next’ to move further with the process.
  • Enter the required information and attach a copy of relevant documents in the given format 
  • Pay the registration fee for the agent registration and submit the application and the approval or rejection will be sent to you on your registered email ID. 

Agents must register themselves in order to work on any registered project across Goa. No agent is permitted to facilitate any sale/purchase and can’t get involved with any real estate transaction without registration. 

Documents Required to Register RERA

Below is a list of essential documents required by every involved party of the real estate domain. 

Required documents for promoter 

  • Scanned copy of  PAN card

  • Scanned copy of legal title deed

  • Information about encumbrances on the property (the site of the proposed development) 

  • A previous financial year’s audited balance sheet and the last three years’ income tax returns

  • An affirmation that the promoter will treat every allocator fairly at the time of property distribution 

  • Information about all active projects, including their status, total built-up area, and carpet area 

  • Total area set aside in the project for parking

Required documents for agents 

  • PAN card
  • Passport-sized photographs of the agent and all other parties involved, including the board of directors 
  • Information about the venture, including its name, type, and registered address
  • Evidence of a company address 
  • Previous three financial years’ income tax returns
  • Registration specifics, such as bylaws and the MOU (memorandum of association).
  • Legal documents related to the proposed project’s land 

Filing complaint with RERA 

The RERA  Act allows consumers to file a complaint with RERA Goa against violations, scams, or any fraudulent activities. In case the home buyer isn’t satisfied with the solution provided by the RERA Goa officials, he can directly get in touch with the Appellate Tribunal. Moreover, he can directly file an appeal in the high court if he isn’t satisfied with the resolution of the Appellate Tribunal. 

Follow the steps outlined below to file a complaint under the RERA. 

  • Visit the RERA Goa official website and navigate to the ‘Complaint Register’ section.
  • You will be taken to a new page that contains the ‘Complaint Registration Form’ where you need to fill in the details such as complainant name, mobile number, Email ID, official & residential address where notifications will be sent, complaint details, supporting documents 
  • Pay the complaint registration fee after entering the relevant details
  • Now finally click on “Submit”

Steps To Withdraw Project Registration

Follow the mentioned procedure to withdraw a RERA registered project:

Visit the official home page of RERA Goa. 

Select the “Other Links” option, then click on the “Withdrawal.” option that will redirect you to the verification page of the email ID.

Click on the registration type “Project Registration,”  enter your email ID, and click on the option depicting “Generate OTP” 

Enter OTP and click on “Search” to access project details

Select the project to withdraw registration and follow the withdrawal procedure

How to access a list of filed complaints 

Follow the outlined process to view the complaint list filed under RERA Goa. 

  • Visit the official website of RERA Goa at rera.goa.gov.in
  • Click on the “Defaulters” section 
  • Click on “List of Complaints” from the drop-down list comprising the List of agents, this will redirect you to another page named Complaint List 
  • The list will present details about the complaint including the complainant’s name, respondent name, date of the complaint, ad final order document