To grow properly, children must have a connection with their family and home. While everyone should have their own personal space, children require a more private environment filled with warmth, love, positive vibes, and good dreams. According to many Vastu experts, Vastu for a child’s bedroom is important to instill positive thinking in your child’s mind.

A child’s room should be a happy and prosperous place because it is a hub of fun, recreation, and joy. While you ensure proper nutrition for your children and go above and beyond to ensure their health, you should not overlook a few details when designing their bedroom. Everything counts to ensure their growth, from the position of their bed to the placement of their study table. This article discusses Vastu for a child’s bedroom, which is essential to follow.

Vastu For Child’s Bedroom 

With these Vastu tips for kids’ bedrooms that will help you reinforce positive vibes in their chamber, you can feel confident about your child’s good health and creative thinking. Here are 11 essential Vastu tips for a child’s bedroom:

West is the Ideal Direction

Your child’s bedroom should ideally be located in the west direction of your house. As per Vastu, the child should sleep with their head in the east or south direction for a relaxing and peaceful sleep. Moreover, the south-west direction is also considered fortunate as per Vastu.

Door Should Be East-Facing

The door of your child’s room should be east-facing as it invites positive and happy vibes, and it should open in a clockwise direction. Vastu suggests avoiding hanging boards or signs on the door, as they draw negative energy such as aggression or ego clashes. 

Avoid Window, Mirror or Door in Front of Bed

Avoid placing your kid’s bed in front of the window, door, or mirror since it might lead to a lack of sleep. Mirrors can create strange illusions, bringing in a sense of negativity, and can disrupt your child’s sleep. 

Place the bed in West or South-West Corner

As per Vastu, the south-west is an ideal direction to keep furniture in a kid’s bedroom, especially a bed. A child’s bedroom in the south-west is considered favorable. To welcome prosperity, success, and good health, you can position the bed in the west. Get a wooden bed without a metal frame if you can. Metal frames are known to invite negative energy into the atmosphere.

Avoid Gadgets in a Kid’s Room

A child’s room shouldn’t have too many gadgets, according to Vastu Shastra. High electromagnetic stress and dangerous radiation are produced by electronic devices, which may have a negative impact on your children’s ability to concentrate.

Light Green or Yellow color is favorable for Kid’s Room

Vastu Shastra recommends using vibrant colors like light green and light yellow in a child’s bedroom to brighten the space and create a balance of mood swings. Avoid using black or blue colors for bed sheets, wallpaper, or carpets, as these colors can provoke negative emotions in kids. 

South-West Corner is best to place Place Study Table 

Vastu Shastra recommends that the study table be placed in the west or south-west direction in the kid’s room. Furthermore, the child should be facing north or east while studying for better concentration.

Remove Unused Stationery from Study Table

As per Vastu Shastra, it is crucial to remove unused stationery items from a kid’s study table. Unsharpened pencils, empty pens, torn books, and newspapers among other stationery, can attract bad energy into your child’s room. Maintain a clutter-free study space for a clear path to success, and avoid putting shoes or slippers under the table because doing so interferes with concentration.

Set the bookshelf in the northeast

As per Vastu Shastra, placing the bookshelf in the northeast direction is favorable. Additionally, wood rather than metal should be used in the bookshelf design. Metal bookshelves are known to impact negatively on kids. Keeping books on the study table might create unnecessary pressure on your child. 

Avoid placing wild animal toys in kid’s room

Vastu Shastra suggests avoiding placing wild animal toys in your child’s room. These toys might stimulate aggression in your child.

Do Not Allow Your Children to Sleep Under Direct Light 

Vastu Shastra guidelines state that children shouldn’t snooze near windows or built-in wardrobes. It has been suggested that this could make kids feel anxious and under pressure. 

Five ideal colors for children’s rooms

Here is our list of kids’ room colors that are Vastu-approved:

  • Red: Red is a strong, glitzy color that has a high level of energy and visual impact. It is a unique and appealing color for children’s rooms that also helps to balance out the cool tones of the home decor.
  • Yellow: The color of sunshine and sunflowers contributes to a child’s room’s happiness and cheerfulness. It has been shown to motivate and improve concentration in children. 
  • Natural Green: Natural green has a calming effect on children. This color is associated with nature and is beneficial to the eyes, body, and mind.  
  • Blue: Blue represents tranquillity and concentration, making it an ideal color for your child’s bedroom reading corner. This soothing color is also beneficial to blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Royal Purple: Because royal purple is associated with creativity, it is an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms. This color also represents confidence and ambition, and it is intended to improve your child’s behavior.

Accessories for Kids’ Room As Per Vastu

The following are some accessories that should be in a child’s bedroom:

  • Globe: Place a globe in the corner of your child’s room facing northeast. This encourages kids to do well in school.
  • Photo Frame: Place a photo frame in your child’s room facing west. It is regarded as lucky in Vastu and makes your kids happy.
  • Mirror on the wall: Mirrors make it easier to see and appreciate all the artistic endeavors your children have undertaken. A side wall is a good place to hang one or two substantial wall mirrors.
  • Wooden Toys: Add a few wooden animal bookends to your child’s room for decoration. These toys have a pleasing aesthetic, and their rich wood construction promotes serenity.
  • Cute Storage Bags: Storage bags with adorable prints are a fun way to get your kids to do their laundry. This will assist you in raising organized, responsible children.


In order to monitor their children’s development in all areas of life, parents have a natural desire to do so. However, every house has some negative aspects due to Vastu flaws that may impact your child’s behavior and mind. As a result, it is critical to design your child’s bedroom according to Vastu Shastra principles. Follow these tips to make your child’s bedroom a happy haven where they can be disciplined and progressive.

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